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Your life can feel off, when you’re out of alignment. And whether things are not going well and you had a rough stretch with some difficulties, or even when life is pretty good by conventional standards, it still hurts or is dissatisfying when you are not growing & living your greatest potential in work, love & Life.

When you are off course, stuck or resisting, Life either subtly beckons you to something more or gets your attention with pain, roadblocks or falling apart.

It is common to resist, avoid & settle for complacency; it usually either takes enough pain that you get fed up, or it takes your humility, courage & practice to realign, grow and live into your greatness. It is easy to get distracted and forget that you are here to evolve, to love, to be free, to live your unique purpose in the world, wide Open animated by Life Itself.


And yet if you are the type of person reading this now, some wiser part of you has been sensing it, has heard the subtle whispers from the future beckoning you forward, again and again, in the major choice points in your life, during the times of your most intense struggles, amidst the accomplishments & celebrations, like a homing signal calling forth your greatness.

Deep down you are too talented to stop growing, even amidst all of the tests and challenges, you know you have so much more energy, clarity & power when aligned, thriving and living at your leading edge.

Your work, loved ones and Life Itself years for your greatness. And our world, now more than ever, could really benefit from you embodying and expressing the full potentiality you were born to.

ICF Professional Certified Coach Master’s degree: Psychology

over 3000 client coaching hours

It has been my honor to successfully coach a diverse range of extraordinary human beings from ages 18-79 including: entrepreneurs, executives, influencers, authors, artists, athletes, musicians, professors, lawyers, construction workers, actresses, pilots, healers, yoga teachers, stay-at-home parents, college students, individuals and couples courageously committed to healing, development and living their greatness in the world.


Yelena Klinova

International Distribution Manager, Mother

I feel so much more open, safe in the world, comfortable in my skin, and happy. I got my dream job, earn more money, stop commuting an hour and a half a day and work from home now. I am so much more present with my family, get to spend more quality time with my children and have a much deeper connection is my husband.

Amy Dalton

Leadership Trainer

Wow this is amazing stuff! Obviously coming from a coaching and leadership background, I’ve been exposed to a lot of personal development and spirituality but Presence academy is like the one stop shop that gives you the essentials for inviting and living a deep, loving, and purposeful life… 

Katie Reid


My husband and I have both gone thru Presence Academy. Not only did it help him be more present, productive and work less hours, but we both feel more alive, passionate and doing things we love in our lives in addition to work and home. We are both so much more loving, attentive & present with each other and the kids. After 10 years his and my connection now feels better than ever!!!


Complimentary Consult

schedule your complimentary individual or couples coaching consultation