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Developmental Coaching for work, love & life

You know you have potential and you desire more but don’t quite know how to fully live into it yet. You want to start feeling more alive, utilize your strengths and live a more fulfilling life. Family, friends, colleagues, books, videos & workshops offer you advice, but sometimes it is nice to have a guide—a personal coach—at an important point in your life. Not someone who is above you, but with you, by your side guiding you to lasting change so you can do it on your own. Not someone who tells you to follow their “way”, but someone who helps you access your own inner expertise, make changes that last and empowers you to fully live your own unique thriving life. Integral Coaching can offer you a comprehensive and practical action plan to achieve your goals and live into your best self. Ultimately the role of an Integral Coach is to help you live into your goals and aspirations to be the empowered, integrated, thriving human you were designed to be: for you, your loved ones, and all of Life.

Your co-creative Integral Coaching™ program helps you CLARIFY what you want;
establish a specific coaching TOPIC with measureable objectives to achieve it;
create AWARENESS of your CURRENT WAY of being, seeing, and living your life;
then as you progressively TRANSCEND limitations and build the life SKILLS
through co-creatively designed PRACTICES to realize your GOALS & intentions
and EMBODY NEW WAYS of being, seeing, & living in the world for lasting changes
in your life on your own after we complete our work together.

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ICF Professionally Certified Coach with 1500+ client coaching hours

It has been my honor to coach a diverse range of extraordinary human beings from 18 and to 79 years old including: entrepreneurs, musicians, nurses, construction workers, pilots, executives, massage therapists,  stay-at-home mothers, lawyers, yoga teachers, actresses, authors, athletes, college students, and individuals looking for direction in vocation and life.

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