A Developmental Guide
for Therapists, Coaches
and Those Dedicated to
Self-Actualization & Awakening



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Do you know that feeling of confidence
when you are powerfully inhabiting your body,
moments of beauty when you feel open-hearted connection with another
or the peace beyond words of feeling unified with everything?

We use the word “presence” to describe everything from
the embodied “stage presence” of a rock star and
powerful leadership of “executive presence”,
to the relational presence of close connection
to the Awake presence transmitted by spiritual teachers.

There is a unifying thread to all these
and learning how to embody presence
promises to up level your work, love and life.


About the Author


Johnny Blackburn

is a highly respected authority on human embodiment, connection and the higher reaches of adult development. He is an international Professionally Certified Coach combining an original background in original background in Management Consulting with a Master’s in Psychology.  Blackburn trains therapists and coaches to more masterfully work with clients in their professional practices.  In his own practice, he works with individuals, couples and organizational teams in empowering them to develop and embody greater presence for thriving in relationship, at work and throughout their lives.

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Embodying Presence: A Developmental Guide

will teach you how to develop the 3 secret ingredients of presence

Embodiment   rhombus   Connection   rhombus   Awareness


This specific method of embodying presence will help you to develop the most important skills for being a more relaxed, joyful, loving, free and successful human being. This guide is designed for both progressive humans devoted to developing your greater human potential and professionals (therapists, coaches or facilitators) who work with clients in a healing, transformative or developmental context. Whether you are dedicated to self-actualization, being of service to others and/or the Awakening process, embodying greater presence will empower you to feel more fully human and show you how to unlock your own superhuman potentials.

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