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EAT APP: Emotional Awareness Training the APP to help increase emotional intelligence and bodily awareness, reduce stress, as well as enhance presence and emotional freedom. Will be available on Apple and Android products



Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 3.48.11 PMMOVEMENT BREAKS: A compilation of 36 different 3-5 minute videos hosted on a web-based platform demonstrating energizing, vitalizing, and calming movements for entrepreneurs, corporate employees, and other prolonged sedentary occupations to be preformed throughout the day to enhance productivity, mental acuity, creativity, and energy while decreasing stress.



Productivity Product Logo 2PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEM: A single high performance workflow system to clearly manage and effectively execute what is most important while still being accountable for all the things to do in your personal and professional life. Know of all the tasks and projects that need to be completed written down and organized in one trusted system freeing up energy and attention, which allows greater clarity, relaxation, accountability and creativity. Have that aligned with your life and or your company’s current missions and deeper purpose.  What if you could increase focus and prioritization while slowing down and reducing distractions allowing you to accomplishing the same or more without being stressed, rushed, and overwhelmed. Designed for both entrepreneurs and white-collar employees who want to work smarter not just harder: to be potent and productive, have quality of life, be lit up with inspiration, a sense of passion and purpose, create and contribute something that matters to the world, and evolve the ways we live and work.