My mission is empowering and accelerating the evolution of humanity through the healing, connection, development and awakening of greater human potential.

Johnny Blackburn is a professional coach, speaker & facilitator who empowers clients, organizations and audiences to discover and then live from their deeper Presence.  He is a highly respected authority on human embodiment, connection and professional performance. 

His original background in Management Consulting, Master’s degree in Psychology and more than 3000+ client-coaching hours as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation all combined with extensive professional development training make him a highly sought after guide to greater levels of presence, openness and thriving.

Personally, Johnny enjoys many forms of movement, martial arts, surfing, dancing Tango, being outdoors, reading, learning, laughing, preparing and eating delicious slow food, local community gatherings, traveling the world, going to festivals, having authentic conversations with friends, loved ones & “strangers”, and being still.