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As the sun sets on some of our ways of being and new tides come in, so too the events of 2020 have begin to usher in the next epoch of humanity.

How will you use this time and your life?

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Meet Johnny

With an original background in Management Consulting, Johnny had a severe life-changing injury in his 20’s and spent nearly 2 years completely floor-ridden. After a full recovery, he has spent the past nearly 20 years dedicated to his own embodied development, steeped in deep daily transformative practice. Johnny has spent the past 12 years coaching and facilitating groups, serving as an instrument of healing, development and Awakening of greater human potential in the evolution of humanity.



Growing up and waking up in work, love life


Developmental Coaching

For Individuals

Relationship Counseling

For Couples


Embodying Presence

Eternal Rising


Mystics Immersion 4

San Diego, CA - Jan 2020

Mystics Immersion 5

San Diego, CA - OCT 2020