A Unique Approach

Exclusively mental talk therapy and couples therapy has its benefits and limitations. Instead, based on the latest neuroscience of healthy romantic relationships, adult attachment and the only scientifically validated couples therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) to created a more secure bond between couples, we make restoring open-hearted connection the priority from a foundation of embodied presence so you and your partner actually register feeing connected to each other in your whole body.

To Growing Your Reletionship

Some couples need some repair work, healing, reassurance and forgiveness before restoring connection. Others need to clean up the contemptuous communication, criticism, and attacking to create more emotional safety. Then there is a better foundation to build essential relationship skills you can use for the rest of your life like communication, empathy, emotional intelligence, conflict de-escalation, and true open-hearted connection. Then we can focus on revitalizing your romance, passion, masculine-feminine polarity and sexual connection. Eventually once you are really thriving, some couples continue on from the context of their romantic partnership as a spiritual practice of mastery and ever deepening love.

Loving Connection as the Foundation

Growing & Deeping In Love

Where is your relationship In This Process?

your relationship has been neglected, damaged or is fragile

you are reactive, criticize and/or argue too much

there was betrayal, broken trust, emotional or sexual affairs

you can't continue like this or are near breakup or devorce

you feel really disconnected

you have difficulty communicating

you are reactive, criticize and/or argue too much

it has been too long since you have had really connected sex

your relationship overall is decent

you want to feel more of the spark, passion & aliveness

you want to feel more closeness & connection

you want to rekindle romance & your sex life

As Spiritual Practice

your relationship overall is good

your communication could be even better

you want to master sex & polarity as spiritual practice & portal to the Divine

you view your partnership as a container for growth, healing, spiritual practice and ever deepening together in love

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Yelena Klinova

International Distribution Manager, Mother
I feel so much more open, safe in the world, comfortable in my skin, and happy. I got my dream job, earn more money, stop commuting an hour and a half a day and work from home now. I am so much more present with my family, get to spend more quality time with my children and have a much deeper connection is my husband.

Amy Dalton

Leadership Trainer
Wow this is amazing stuff! Obviously coming from a coaching and leadership background, I’ve been exposed to a lot of personal development and spirituality but Presence academy is like the one stop shop that gives you the essentials for inviting and living a deep, loving, and purposeful life…

Katie Reid

My husband and I have both gone thru Presence Academy. Not only did it help him be more present, productive and work less hours, but we both feel more alive, passionate and doing things we love in our lives in addition to work and home. We are both so much more loving, attentive & present with each other and the kids. After 10 years his and my connection now feels better than ever!!!

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