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“Life & everyone around you is calling for your deeper presence. Your work wants greater clarity, purpose & productivity. Those you work with, live with & love, crave your attention, realness & closeness. Life all around you hungers to know you, to feel you, to inspire your greatness in receiving your unique contribution, loving openness & empowered freedom. Accelerate your development with this inspiring how-to-guide, as together we learn the essential presence skills for awakening greater potential in work, love & life.”

is the doorway to awakening your
greater potential
in work, love & life

About the Author

Johnny Blackburn is a professional coach, author, speaker and facilitator who empowers clients, organizations and audiences to discover and then live from their deeper Presence. Residing in San Diego, CA, he is a respected authority on human embodiment, connection and professional performance. Blackburn’s original background in Management Consulting, Master’s degree in Psychology and more than 3000 client-coaching hours as a Professionally Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation all combined with extensive professional development training make him a highly sought after guide to awakening greater potential in work, love and life.

A practical guide for awakening greater potential with 20 essential skills for greater presence in work, love, & life. This is a unique time in human history with ever increasing technological innovation, more potential digital distractions, a faster pace of life & only 13% of the world’s workforce is “engaged” in their work (according to a global consulting study)—thus we need to develop new ways of working, relating, & living in the digital age.  Presence is the key to enhanced engagement, productivity, innovation, & the X factor for Executive Presence, professional development in organizations & entrepreneurs getting funded. It is the sweet spot of peak performance for creatives, athletes in the zone or performers on stage. And in the age of heightened digital connectivity, so many of us whether our romantic partners, children or friends long for deeper presence & human connection in our relationships. And ultimately, Presence is the doorway to mindfulness, expanded awareness & the Power of Now.  Our work, loved ones, and life itself yearn for our deeper presence.

This clearly book describes & diagrams specific presence skills, benefits, barriers, real-live success stories of how presence has enhanced people’s lives, comparison images of more or less presence in common daily activities, as well as how to develop each skill. By reading this guidebook, you will gain a better understanding of what presence is, become more aware ways you lose presence, as well as feel more inspired & clear about how to cultivate greater presence in practical life situations.

Whether you want to feel more grounded confidence, be more engaged & productive at work, enhance executive presence & influence, develop more empathy & emotional intelligence, listen & communicate better, have more loving & connected relationships or realize greater mindfulness & spiritual awareness, Presence is the doorway to awakening your greater potential.

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