inspired writings for these evolutionary times

Eternal Rising is a collection of inspired writings that may illuminate new perspectives, touch your heart and move you to tears or crack you Open so wide the book drops and all relaxes into the seamless sea of Presence.  Blackburn’s words take readers on a journey deep within and beyond. His nuanced understanding of human development offers a grounded practicality that helps you  feel your deeper humanity while a pervading vastness invites you into expanded Awareness.


this book is for

Eternal Rising is an inspiration book that is especially important for these transformative times in human history. It reads as a reverent ode to the greats across the ages who have dedicated their lives to the beautification and betterment of our world, as well as igniting the stewards of this next epoch who will light the way forward for future generations. However you choose to enjoy this work, may it inspire you to make the most of your precious life and actively participate in the great evolution of Life Itself—the Eternal Rising—as many wayshowers have before. Only now doing so in your own unique way, collaborating together in a time when our world can really use our positive contribution. 


the author

is a contemporary mystic who unifies the wisdom from the great spiritual traditions with the latest scientific insights of developmental psychology.   With a master’s degree in psychology, he has thousands of hours of counseling clients, both as individuals and couples.   Johnny also speaks at conferences and leads experiential workshops, retreats and group training programs, in the US and around the world.   His work integrates some of the best practices for healing, personal development, real human connection and stabilizing advanced Spiritual Awareness.  Together this leads people toward living a more authentically human, open-heartedly connected and expansive life, while positively contributing to the evolution of our world.


some of the themes of this book

Living Deeply

The Feminine

The Masculine

The Wayshowers

Your Purpose

Unified Openness


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