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Koichi Naruishi

Koichi Naruishi is a highly trained network chiropractor with over two decades of experience and a deep dedication to continuing education, growth and excellence in practice.  

Steeped in a variety of ancient wisdom traditions and esoteric practices, he has cultivated a mastery of subtle energetics and the healing arts.  He combines that rigor, perhaps from his Japanese American heritage or maybe because of depth of his own being, with an enormous heart full of joy, care and playfulness.

Early health challenges, guided Koichi, and his whole family to create  major shifts in health and lifestyle.  Inspired by his own direct experience of the potential to change one’s life,  he has dedicated his career to being of service in helping transform the lives of his clients. 

He is very passionate about setting people free from limiting patterns and beliefs, so they can feel the love and joy at the center of their being while experiencing their greater potential.